My Traveling Experiences

Hey guys, im back in action.I have been traveling for a while boy oh boy! I have so much to share first of all let me explain that the world is a big place once you get out of your comfort zone and try to explore different places of where you stay at .I traveling to Virginia and I abosutely loved it , like seriously I experienced so much down there the southern culture was beauthiful , when I went to virgina I used this Taxi Service In Woodbridge Va.It was great the people where nice, the food was the best., and dont worry I ate healthy.I just wanted to give you guys an update post on how I was doing show far, I recieved a bunch of emails wondering how I was doing and when I was going to make a post again.


Sorry for any problems and I will be providing content for now one every week. :)

Healthy Talk & Hair Lost

I get a lot of emails saying that peoples hair are falling out and what can I do about it.First and foremost you must find out what the causes of your hair loss.If your hair loss is genetics then thier isnt much you can really do about it.But for people who are suffering from hair loss from unhealthy eating then you can do something about it.First and foremost make sure you’re not eating a lot of unhealthy food, that is key to a better lifestyle and healthy hair growing.For all you women that have changed your eating habits and you’re still not getting the results that you want make sure to check out  for excellent results to grow your hair back. for a lot of older men you check out this best hair loss treatment for men.

For men check out this video below

Did A Bit Of Traveling But Still Ate Healthy.

Hey Guys,

first and foremost Happy New Years, im glad that people have been emailing me telling me there goals for the new years so im excited for you. So New Years is here and i did a bit of traveling to northern virgina to visit my grandma and while i was on the bus I was tempted to eat  junk foood, but then i thought to myself what kind of person would I be if I tell most of fellow readers on my blog to eat healthy but I end up not tain my own advice.So when I got to Washington D.C I needed a transportation service that would accomadate me to my grandmas house and all the good good eating places around the D.C, Maryland, and  Virginia location, Yes, dont worry all the healthy places to eat but the services that they provided was just the best I have ever experienced I would recommend wihtout a doubt.So my grandma tried to make me eat her home made cooking which i didnt want to of course because im trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, so i decided to a salad dressing instead which I felt was very good and benefical to my health, But when I got to her house my grandma told me that the transportation that I used to get to her house was actually a very good elderly transport service in the northern Virginia Area check these medical transportation services in the Northern Virginia Area. Can you clean a nice review on these Airport Shuttle Service.

Write Your Diet & Exercise Goals!

Staying in shape

Did you know that 80% of people who write down their goals end up accomplishing it, thats crazy, right? Why am I saying this? because If you have a goal of losing weight and want to get in shape, you should right it down and watch how the universe works with you to achieve you goal.Staying in shape is not easy, it takes motivation and always look at your goal and tell yourself “I’m going to stay healthy, and I don’t care what people say about me”, thats the attitude you need to get healthy.I know you guys can do it, dont worry and stress over it.If you guys are interested in learning how to develop a healthy sense of brain power then check out


Want To Lose Weight For New Years ?

Want to lose weight for new years ? Check out the video below to get some healthy advice

New Years Is Coming Stay Focused & Healthy

So hello to my fellow bloggers if you havent know I am a full time blogger and I am now dedicated to give you healthy advice so I can give people a chance to learn and apply what they will learn on this blog to able to change your life around.

Quick useful tip

New Years is tommorrow and most people have made so many plans to progress and change from there eating habits to excerising daily and right.Unfortunately, most people will not reach their goals because people dont stick to their plans and they end up living a lifestyle of being unhealthy.